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Centre for Human Rights & Law

Responding to the felt need of the society and increasing demands from various persons and institutions across the country, Indian Social Institute has started a Centre, “Centre for Human Rights & Law” (CHRL) from September 2018. he Centre seeks to intervene in different issues and problems faced by the minorities, women, children, Tribals, Dalits and other marginalized sections of the Society. Apart from litigation and legal awareness training programmes, HRL aims at settling disputes outside the Courts. Three full time lawyers will be available at CHRL for any kind of legal assistance. The Centre will continue to spread legal literacy and awareness by ways of publications of the magazine “Legal News and Views” and other Legal Education Series booklets.

CHRL aims at taking up cases of human rights violations at various judicial and quasi-judicial fora and conducting a number of training programmes especially for the grass root level social activists, women, youth, village leaders, etc. It includes para legal course for Social activists, workshop on Educational Rights of the Minorities and programs for lawyers etc. The Centre aims at providing a deeper understanding of the Constitution of India and various other laws of the country with special emphasis on the laws related to women, Children, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, minorities and other vulnerable groups. These programmes impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the legal system in India through class room lectures and exposure programmes to Courts and other quasi-judicial bodies. Ultimately CHRL tries its best to actualize the vision and mission of the Indian Social Institute through its various programmes and



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