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Announcement: Call for Papers



October 10-11, 2019
Department of Women's Studies,
Indian Social Institute, Lodi Road, New Delhi.

 Dalits are placed at lowest strata of Indian society in terms of caste and class. Being inferior sex, Dalit women are not only placed at bottom of hierarchy in terms of caste and class but also gender. They carry burden of representing community’s dignity and pay for it by facing violence. Lack of adequate resources exposes them to violence which is a result of social conflict. The symposium will be conducted in the backdrop of increasing social conflict in rural Haryana, where Dalit women become the easy target.

This symposium aims to examine the personal, social and psychological bases of inter-group as well as intra-group biases and social conflict resulting in violence; and further intends to consider how greater understanding of these processes can guide interventions to reduce bias and social conflict  and facilitate social integration and social harmony. The main objective is to deliberate on various dimensions of violence against Dalit women, which is the extreme manifestation of social conflict, including causes, reaction and role of stake holders among others.

Call for Papers under following Symposium Themes:

  1. Historical, empirical and theoretical emphases of intergroup relations from the perspective of Dalit Women.
  2. Social processes that contribute to development of intergroup bias and social conflict of Dalit Women.
  3. Dalit Women and Intergroup interactions that reflect and reinforce intergroup bias and conflict.
  4. Strategies that connect these influences to improve intergroup productive social integration of Dalit Women.
  5. Social harmony, Justice and sustainable development from the perspective of Dalit Women.


In-Charge:  Dr. Denzil Fernandes, Dr. Archana  Sinha,  Dr. Furzee Kashyap
Contact  # 09818197302.    E-Mail:    womendalit@gmail.com



Last Date for Submission of Abstracts : 30th July, 2019
Last Date for Intimation of Selected Abstracts : 15th August, 2019
Last Date for Submission of Full Paper : 30th September, 2019
Symposium Date : October 10-11, 2019
Participants 50 persons
Venue : Ground Floor Auditorium,Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
Symposium In-Charge : Dr. Denzil Fernandes, Dr. Archana Sinha, Dr. Furzee Kashyap
Contact No 9818197302
E-Mail for Correspondence : womendalit@gmail.com




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