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Shanti Sadbavna Manch

The greatest challenge that the human race has ever faced still remains: to live in a world free of the threat of violence.  Violence is not restricted to times of war; it exists everywhere: in homes, schools and communities.  Where there is injustice, there is conflict.  Shanti Sadbhavana Manch is a Peace and Harmony Movement in such a conflict ridden society with special focus on the most marginalized and excluded, Tribals, Dalits and Ethnic and Religious Minorities, anchored in institutions and communities in 8 states.  The aim of this project is to build up various communities by bridging gaps, primarily among the most marginalized and excluded, namely the Tribals, Dalits, and religious and linguistic Minority groups, and among the Women and Youth of these priority groups, for a sustained and lasting life of dignity, peace, justice, and reconciliation.

The aim of this project is to Promote Peace and Harmony Culture, Consciousness and Healing through Shanti-Sadbhavna Manch among Students and Youth for Sustainable Peace, Justice and Harmony.  The aim of this Manch is to inculcate the value of Peace in the minds of students and youth of the villages and towns.  For this peace clubs (Shanti Sadbhavana Manch) are formed in selected schools and villages of the chosen 8 states of the country.  The members of this peace clubs becomes the heralds of peace in the days to come in our country.  




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