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Department of Research

The Indian Social Institute is primarily engaged in research, capacity building, action and advocacy in socio-economic development. The institute advocates the cause of the poor, marginalized, and exploited and the excluded at all levels, with a clear emphasis on the promotion and protection of human rights. The institute believes that through its department of research, it can contribute to the pool of knowledge in social sciences with a clear focus on action for social transformation.
Towards this goal, the institute works at three integrated levels: (1) acquire knowledge—well grounded in a concrete data base, as an outcome of the research; (2) disseminate knowledge through various publications ; and (3) mobilize people for social change through training and advocacy efforts.
In order to respond constructively to this challenging task, the institute streamlined the Department of Research (DR) in January 2013 with five dedicated departments - Department of Dalit Studies (DDS), Department of Human Rights and Law (DHRL), Department of Rural and Urban Studies (DRUS), Department of Tribal Studies (DTS) and Department of Women’s Studies (DWS), and a Research Desk (RDK). The department of research is coordinated by Research Director (RD).
The researchers constantly scan the national and international scenario, sensitize their perception and identify trends and issues that need to be studied and addressed. They explore various possibilities of empirical studies and concretize them in the regions, which are in conformity with the mission-vision framework of the Institute, within the stipulated time frame. To this end, frequent departmental meetings, interactions and discussions are held to bring all research faculties together, for sharing and listening to one another. The inter-departmental collaboration has always been promoted to synergize the efforts of the research department and the support staff, for composite achievement.



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