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New Publication

No More Silence :
Countering Sexual Harassment and Violence against Women
Tresa Paul
Pp354, Price Rs.495, 2016
Economic Growth Democracy and Human Development :
In Reference to MGNREGA & Panchayati Raj Institutions
John Joseph Puthenkalam & john Chathnatt
Pp430, Price Rs.550, 2016
Who Killed Swami laxmanananda? :
Shocking Revelations of Himalayan Fraud & Travesty of Justice in kandhamal
Anto Akkara
Pp320, Price Rs.300, 2016
Growing Up in a Conflict Zone :
Children Surviving Conflict in Tripura
Melvil Pereira, Shaunna Rodrigues & Ankita Gupta
Pp182, Price Rs.200, 2016
Excellence in Education :
A Principal's Guide for Effective Administration
Kuriala Chittattulakam SDB
Pp410, Price Rs.595, 2015
Pearls of Indigenous Wisdom :
Selected Essays from Lifetime Contrubutions by Bishop Dr. Nirmal Minz
Joseph Marianus Kujur & Sonajharia Minz (Edts)
Pp270, Price Rs.200, 2007
Indigenous People of India Problems and Prospects :
Essays in Honour of Bishop Dr. Nirmal Minz An Adivasi Intellectual
Joseph Marianus Kujur & Sonajharia Minz (Edts)
Pp410, Price Rs.250, 2007
Long-Term Impact and Beneficiary Satisfaction of
Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Programme in India
Joseph Xavier
Corruption:A National Cancer:
Remedies by Scholars and Social Activists
Isanand Vempeny
Pp266, Price Rs.250, 2014
Towards A Politics of Change:
Essays in Memory of Paul G
Joseph Marianus Kujur & M.K.George
Pp255, Price Rs.300: US$15.00, 2014
Freedom of Religion & Conscience:
Leading Constitutional Cases
Pp.172.Price Rs.145.00, 2014
Indian Evidence Act: (Act of 1872)
Simplified. PD.Mathew (revised by George Giri)
Pp.96.Price Rs.110.00
बदलते परिवेश में सद्भावना की खोज
मरियानुस कुजूर & पास्कल तिरकी



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