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NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Partners and Collaborators

The institute networks with many faith-based as well as secular networks on issues, struggles and advocacy works impacting policy changes, especially related to the dalits, adivasis, women, minorities and unorganized workers. It also partners with many human rights organizations at the state and national level. In these efforts the focus is on mutual support and cooperation and sharing of expertise to take forward the common concerns of the poor and the marginalized.

There are four types of partners: Academic institutions, advocacy networks, NGOs and resource partners. The resource partners include government ministries, agencies of the government, and national and international donor organizations. Each one of them makes valuable contribution in our efforts to carry forward our mission effectively, especially to sustain our commitment with credibility. Apart from these there are many who support us in their individual capacity like professors, social activists, lawyers, and journalists. 



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