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Seminar on Women in Household Economy: Issues and Challenges towards Gender Equality

11th – 13th October, 2018
Organised by
Department of Women’s Studies, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
Concept Note:
Promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women has been one of the fundamental goals of the United Nations that are desirable in themselves for achieving the sustainable development goals. Gender equality means that women and men enjoy similar conditions and opportunities to fully exercise their potential to contribute to development, and benefit from the results of such development. The unequal division of labour by sex is the factor behind much of the discrimination against women. Indeed men and women are both different but they can make positive contributions to the economy. Unpaid work is noticed as either “care” or as “work” by experts. This work is almost always unequally distributed between men and women, and if one includes both paid and unpaid work, women carry much more of the burden of work than men. This seminar would dwell upon the multiple linkages between unpaid work and the conventional macro economy that would make it necessary to expand the boundary of conventional macroeconomics so as to incorporate unpaid work.
The vast majority of women around the world do not enjoy equality in economic participation, access to financial resources or earnings. Closing gender gaps requires policy interventions that enhance women's economic opportunities and outcomes. Though constitution of India provides certain constitutional safeguards and legislative acts to protect the dignity of women yet on the ground level the situation is grim, dismal, male dominated and disadvantageous to women. In this context, the seminar aims to understand issues and challenges of gender equality of contemporary India in the context of women in household economy. Against the backdrop of the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, the proposed National Seminar would analyse the issues in gender-based inequality and suggests alternatives. While the UNDP Gender Inequality Index conceptually reflects the loss in achievement due to inequality between men and women in terms of labour force participation, it would argue that the assumptions to capture this dimension would remain inadequate and fallacious, resulting in only the partial capture of gender inequalities.
Seminar Themes:
  1.  Gender identity and socio-economic factors
  2. Role of women in development
  3. Caregivers and household tasks
  4. Gender inequality, care, and family well-being
  5. Uncompensated care, unpaid work, and social values
  6. Issues of inequality and invisibility of women’s work
  7. Gender equality and sustainable development
  8. Gender equality public policies
Important Dates and Details:
Last Date for Submission of Full Paper:           30th August, 2018
Last date for Registration:                               30thAugust, 2018
Last Date for Submission of Revised Paper:     15th September, 2018
Seminar Date:                                                 11th – 13thOctober, 2018
Participants:                                                    50 persons
Venue:                                                             Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
Seminar In-Charge:                                          Dr. Archana  Sinha & Dr. Balram  Rao
E-Mail:                                                             sinhadws@gmail.com
Contact No:                                                      09818197302



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