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Books on General Themes on Society & Culture

(10% Discount on a Single copy; 15% for 5 or more copies of a single titile)

Title Price
 Maternal Health Care, Pp.143, Year: 2018
      by Archana Sinha,
 Witch Hunting and Gender Exclusion,Pp.158,Year:2017
      Edited by Christopher Lakra,
 A Crusade for Social Justice,Pp.335, Year:2017
      by Vasanti Devi,
 Poverty & Hunger (The Millenium Development Goal and Indian Context),Pp.150,Year:2014
      John Joseph Puthenkalam and John Chathanatt, 
 Towards a Politics of Change (Essays in Memory of Paul G) Pp. 452, Year: 2014
      Joseph Marianus Kujur and M K George (eds)
 Corruption: A National Cancer (Remedies by Scholars and Social Activists, Pp.452, Yr: 2014
      Ishanand Vempeny
 Chengara Land Struggle: Politics of Dalit Assertion in Kerala, Pp. 50, Year:2011
      Bijulal M.V. & Kamal K. Mishra
 Communalism and Role of State in Karnataka Pp. 90, Year: 2011
      V.Joseph Xavier, Beera Curie & Lakshmi Periyasam
 Dalit Muslims, Indian Social Institute, Pp.160, Yr: 2010 100.00
 Food Security Matters:Social Dynamics and Determinants of Food Security,Pp.170,Yr:2010,
      Bijulal M.V. & Kamal K. Mishra



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