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Women Link

Women’s Link (a quarterly journal) focuses on gender issues from a broad spectrum. Its basic intention is to create awareness and disseminate information about the present situation of women especially the women folk of our target group, i.e., the dalits, tribals, minorities and their perceptions. Meaningful participation of women in all walks of life would become possible only if they have access to information. To facilitate this, it is imperative to bridge the information gap that exists at present and this journal has been an attempt to fulfill this need.

This journal works to raise consciousness about the importance of, and viable strategies related to the process of women’s empowerment and to provide an interactive platform for academicians, grassroots activists, students and other civil society agents to know about the struggles to build solidarity and to exchange experiences, activities and interventions. It also provides space for Institute’s vision on gender issues. It reaches diverse segments of society with valuable insights on specific women's issues and has widespread acceptability from its readers and contributors.

Women’s Link carries thematic articles on women’s life from all dimensions i.e. rights, violence, religious laws and ideological set-up, education, health, participation in economic, political and social life, impact of science and technology and the implications of privatization, globalization and liberalization. The compendium of articles attempts to broad base and delineate the framework of analysis in the hope of evolving a perspective to understand the position of women in today’s society. The grassroots experiences are highlighted for a better understanding of the issues.



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